Membership with Temple Beth Torah

Thank you for your interest in Temple Beth Torah. At TBT we strive to be a vibrant center for Jewish life in the northeast Houston area. Our membership mirrors the rich diversity of the area. TBT embraces the spirit of inclusion for Jewish individuals and families that represent a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and family composition. We are proud that we count many interfaith families among our members.

At TBT we strive to meet the varied needs of our members:

• Spiritually – by celebrating the richness and traditions of Torah, prayer, holidays and life cycle events.

• Educationally – by encouraging learning, increasing Jewish knowledge and enriching understanding for children, teenagers and adults.

• In a Caring Manner – by sharing in the joy of our member’s simchas, both large and small, and caring for you and your loved ones in times of sorrow or times of need.

Why should you become a member? Membership is understood to be a mitzvah. While we invite everyone to come and worship with us, members have many privileges including: enrolling their children in our religious school, participating in our high holiday services with no charge, voting on issues important to the congregation and having access to the Rabbi’s services for all life cycle events and other personal needs.

While we do not believe that anyone has to “pay to pray” we do acknowledge that providing a spiritual home for our members in the real world requires funding. Therefore, we ask for a “fair share” financial commitment of those who wish to become members. Our Fair Share pledging program is based on self-assessment. As a guideline, we request that our members pledge 2% of their gross annual income although we recognize that some families are not able to reach that goal. We trust our members to honestly represent their ability to contribute, and encourage everyone who wants to become a member to do so. Financial issues should not be a deterrent to membership.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Temple Beth Torah community please feel free to join us for a Shabbat service (usually Fridays at 7:15 pm) and talk with the Rabbi and members of the congregation. Feel free to call the office (281 446 5611) if you would like to speak with the Rabbi or a representative of our Membership committee ahead of time.
We look forward to welcoming you to our spiritual home.