Shabbat/Tu B’Shevat with the Yeidiyah Family Band

Friday, January 29, 7 PM

Join Rabbi Dan and Rabbi Yakirah in a special Shabbat program celebrating the birth of trees. Included in the Shabbat service will be a Tu B’Shevat Seder, an experiential way to enjoy the symbolism of this special holiday.
To enjoy the evening more, if you can have available some fruit, nuts and wine or juice to partake during the service. This is optional, of course, but it will be a fun way to experience the holiday. Specifically, something that has an outer shell that you eat the inside (like bananas, oranges, almonds or peanuts) and something that has a pit or seed in which you eat the outside (like an avocado, apple or pear), and something in which you eat the whole fruit (like strawberries or grapes).